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because why not
haven't had a core in a while, but then again I myself can't be spending money like this, I'm starting University and gonna be in debt yeahhhhh \( ̄▽ ̄)/

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Nfsdsdfsdfdfgsdfas by Ruvillie

Hi people!

I'm opening commissions again, but with some new styles to choose from. I need to save up some money as I'm starting uni in October. It's an art university in Gdańsk and from what people said the school doesn't sponsor most of the materials. Having seen the schedule I can tell that I won't be able to go to work, unless I find something very very flexible. That's why I need to collect some money when I can, I have almost two months to do so. I'll be taking a loan anyway, but if I'm granted one I'll get it in January or sth and I need to have something to live for when I wait. There's also some furniture to buy and (I realized this today) a scanner for example. 

So, please, please help me out! Don't hesitate to send me a note with your characters Fool Emoji-10 (Thumbs Up) [V1] 

General Info:

  • Payment only via PayPal (please include your DA username),
  • Could you please when sending a payment tick the "sending to friends or family members" instead "payment for services"? Because paypal then makes me pay a fee and I'm already paying one fee for I need to change currencies. When you choose "friends and family members" I'm getting the full sum you're sending. So, if you're up for it, please do so, I'd be grateful. 
  • Send me a note with references (drawings, doodles, commissions, gifts, tumblr posts, character sheets or any other kind of reference),
  • Pose references are welcomed,
  • Please note if you want your character to be less animu, and more of a style like this: 
     oh snap i forgot about these by Ruvillie (doesn't apply to the chibi styles)
    I enjoy this manner of drawing as well and would be real happy to draw commissions in it. It's more interesting to draw, but I feel I'm stilla bit in the dark when it comes to non manga styles. 
  • After receiving your order I'll make a sketch, post it in my scraps folder or and finish the picture when I receive the payment (doesn't apply to digital commissions, the sketches will be deleted later on),
  • Three characters in one picture is a MAXIMUM,
  • I don't draw: yaoi(porn), yuri(porn), hentai(porn), mecha, extreme gore, furries, ponies, 
  • Shounen ai (boys love), shoujo ai (girls love), light ecchi (soft erotic content), simple objects/animals, cat ears etc. are fine,
  • Feel free to ask about any other type of commision if the types listed below are not to your liking (I can't guarantee I'll do it though), 
Cdsdsdsfsdfsdfsdadfddfg by Ruvillie 
Thigh-up pencil sketch : 3 USD / 2,40 EUR / 15 PLN 
every additional character + 1,80 USD / 1,50 EUR / 7 PLN

 Cdsdsdssasdfsdadfddfg by Ruvillie
Fullbody pencil sketch : 6 USD / 5,60 EUR / 25 PLN    
every additional character + 3 USD / 2,30 EUR / 10 PLN

Csszsdffsffdfg by Ruvillie 
Thigh-up pencil sketch & digital colour : 5,90 USD / 4,70 EUR / 30 PLN
every additional character + 3 USD / 2,50 EUR / 12 PLN 

Cdsdsdsfsdfssdfsfdfddfg by Ruvillie
Fullbody pencil sketch & digital colouring : 10,50 USD / 9,40 EUR / 40 PLN 
every additional character + 5 USD / 4 EUR / 15 PLN 

Cssdfsdffdfg by Ruvillie    

Fullbody pro-markers drawing : 14,50 USD / 13 EUR / 55 PLN
every additional character + 7,25 USD / 6,50 EUR / 27 PLN

Thigh-Up pro-markers drawing : 12,40 USD / 11,10 EUR / 47 PLN 
every additional character + 6 USD / 5 EUR / 23 PLN 

Csszxxzzffdfg by Ruvillie
Fullbody chibi pro-markers drawing : 9,20 USD / 8,30 EUR / 35 PLN 
every additional character + 4,60 USD / 4,15 EUR / 17,50 PLN 

Cdsdsdsdfgdgfddfg by Ruvillie 
Chibi head - digital : 11 USD / 10 EUR / 40 PLN 

Cdsdfsfsdfg by Ruvillie
WIWD style - digital : 3 USD / 2,60 EUR / 10 PLN 
every additional character + 1,50 USD / 1,30 EUR / 5 PLN 
(you can ask me for a .png file)

Fool Emoji-47 (Star) [V5] Fool Emoji-47 (Star) [V5] Fool Emoji-47 (Star) [V5] 


(thank you very much for commissioning! kaomoji set 2 18/67 )

Commission for Scaphist by Ruvillie Commission for RenkoUsami by Ruvillie Commission for Esiako by Ruvillie Commission for Esiako by Ruvillie Commission for Scaphist by Ruvillie Commission for chibimiester888 by Ruvillie Commission for Lindajing by Ruvillie Commission for yami-yuu by Ruvillie Commission for yami-yuu by Ruvillie Commission for Hollow-Hiraki by Ruvillie Commission for Peach-Coke by Ruvillie Commission for Peach-Coke by Ruvillie


(with some people I have better information flow than others so, if you have for ex. no.8 it doesn not necessarily mean you're gonna get your picture as the 8th person, you may as well come in 5th)
1. done
2. done
3. Greynoiiz
4. done
5. done
6. done
7.  done
8. done
9. done
10. Peach-Coke
11. starclops
12. Su-Su-Su
13. yzxt
14. IgnisPectus
15. Akasira
16. m1rroredsea
17. Scaphist
18. chibimiester888
19. yami-yuu 

------------- from 20th onwards I will be changing prices stay tuned ------------

Arrow left Arrow left Also! Arrow right Arrow right 

  If you're up for some more commission, say more artsy and more of a paintingy style then check out this best best friend of mine: 
COMMISSIONSOK, so thanKS to :iconRuvillie: I'm opening up commission yay! 
If you're interested send me a note or e-mail me at
She artsy, she underappreciated and she in need of money. She's going to study filmmaking in London and this will be a lot more expansive than my studies. So if you're looking for someone to commission for semi realistic or realistic art that's a person to go! 

 Give her some love Beating Heart Emote (Free to Use) 



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